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New City Music Theatre (NCMT) responds to the artistic needs of a contemporary world. Originally founded in 2014 as Cleveland Musical Theatre, its guiding principle was to respond to a deep need for professional theatre experiences for young, emerging artists in the city of Cleveland. 


The world has changed dramatically since 2014, and NCMT intends to respond positively to that change by expanding our mission and guiding principles. We will continue to honor our roots to provide professional opportunities to aspiring artists, all the while committing to be a leader in systematically erasing inherent biases in the theatrical community and providing a place where every voice is heard. 


In moving from Cleveland to New York, NCMT expands its ability to provide educational opportunities to aspiring performers in more accessible, equitable, and inclusive ways. New York provides NCMT a national stage by which to affect real and positive change in the theatrical community. 



New City Music Theatre's mission is to harness the power of the performing arts to challenge the status quo and to respond to the pulse of a contemporary generation through engaging, informed and inclusive experiences on and off the stage. We will accomplish this by:


  • building a new artistic home on the foundation of inclusivity and acceptance


  • developing progressive new musical theatre works and reimagined productions through the lens of modern-day cultural relevance


  • giving new voice to underrepresented groups in our communities through works that represent a diverse cross section of our human experience


  • engaging and provoking audiences with theatrical experiences that challenge and ignite the imagination


  • creating new professional opportunities for early-career theatre makers 


  • educating aspiring artists for brighter, successful futures and new career paths


  • forging a new and supportive community of artists and audience members that foster a shared dialogue and an openness of ideas

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